Culture and values

Culture and values

The management is responsible for ensuring that the values intended for ELEKTRON by the company's founders are actively lived and continue to be cultivated into the future.

The Board of Directors is comprised of the following members:

Peter Schärer (President)
Andreas Kleeb (Vice)
Hans-Peter Geier
Enrico Baumann
Johannes Müller

Strategic decision-making and promoting strong values.

The special ownership circumstances of ELEKTRON AG are one of the main factors for the company's long-term success. In its capacity as shareholder, the employer-sponsored welfare fund attaches a great deal of value to social responsibility. Decisions of strategic importance are not simply taken on the basis of short-term economic considerations, they are also examined in terms of compliance with these sustainable values. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that this culture is practiced and maintained in line with the philosophy of the founders of ELEKTRON AG.



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ISO 9001:2015 | Quality Management System

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