ELEKTRON lanciert mit UPC, eine der führenden Telekommunikations- und Unterhaltungsanbieterin der Schweiz, massgeschneiderte «Internet of Things»-Lösungen (IoT). Die Partner setzen dabei als erste Anbieter in der Schweiz auf die überlegene Wireless Smart Utility Networks-Technologie.  

Ensuring competitiveness.

Ensuring competitiveness.

Sophisticated proprietary developments and a range of high-calibre products from leading international manufacturers are the basis of new system solutions.

CityTouch St. Moritz

CityTouch St. Moritz

St. Moritz rüstet die Strassenbeleuchtung mit remote-Leuchten und dem intelligenten Lichtsteuerungssystem CityTouch auf.  Für eine bedarfsgerechte Beleuchtung, weniger Energieverbrauch und mehr Sicherheit auf den Haupt- und Nebenstrsasen.

ELEKTRON is making Swiss cities smarter – new Smart City division established

ELEKTRON is making Swiss cities smarter – new Smart City division established

The Swiss trading and service company ELEKTRON, based in Au (Zurich) and steeped in Swiss tradition, is expanding its range to include the intelligent networking of urban infrastructure. With the founding of its Smart City division, the street lighting expert is positioning itself as a system integrator well-versed in the necessary technological and local conditions. ELEKTRON is publicly presenting its approach for the first time today at the smartSuisse fair in Basel: street lighting as an interface for the technical implementation of Smart City solutions. The company is also carrying out an initial pilot project with its partner town, Wädenswil.

The term 'smart city' is often associated with large cities such as Singapore, Seoul or London. Swiss cities such as Zurich and St. Gallen, however, have also been dealing with this topic for some time – and resource efficiency and intelligent networking are highly relevant for smaller towns as well. All communities have fundamentally similar functions and find themselves confronted with comparable problems.

ELEKTRON wants to make it easier for cities, municipalities and energy suppliers to move towards becoming smart cities, with the aim of helping Swiss cities run more intelligently. ELEKTRON offers professional support from needs assessment to technical implementation, acting as an independent link between cities or utility companies and well-known technology providers that are global leaders in the Internet of Things (IoT).

For a better quality of life

'We are using state-of-the-art technology to develop tailor-made Smart City end-to-end solutions that will improve quality of life for the Swiss population,' explains Enrico Baumann, CEO of ELEKTRON AG. 'As a system integrator, we will be able to bridge the gap between proven solutions from around the world and the specific requirements and conditions on the ground.'
ELEKTRON has found that public street lights offer great potential; they are an important element in a city's infrastructure and can serve as an ideal carrier for Smart City solutions.

Intelligent lamp post in the centre of Wädenswil

Today, on 27 April 2017, ELEKTRON will present itself as a Smart City integrator for the first time at the smartSuisse fair in Basel. At the same time, it is progressing with its pilot project in the local community. With Wädenswil, ELEKTRON has found a partner city that actively supports the digitisation of its infrastructure. In the next few weeks, an intelligent lamp post will be installed in Wädenswil's town centre that not only provides light, but also records environmental data, measures traffic volume and serves as both a charging point for electric cars and a wifi hot spot. And this is just the beginning...



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