ELEKTRON lanciert mit UPC, eine der führenden Telekommunikations- und Unterhaltungsanbieterin der Schweiz, massgeschneiderte «Internet of Things»-Lösungen (IoT). Die Partner setzen dabei als erste Anbieter in der Schweiz auf die überlegene Wireless Smart Utility Networks-Technologie.  

Ensuring competitiveness.

Ensuring competitiveness.

Sophisticated proprietary developments and a range of high-calibre products from leading international manufacturers are the basis of new system solutions.

CityTouch St. Moritz

CityTouch St. Moritz

St. Moritz rüstet die Strassenbeleuchtung mit remote-Leuchten und dem intelligenten Lichtsteuerungssystem CityTouch auf.  Für eine bedarfsgerechte Beleuchtung, weniger Energieverbrauch und mehr Sicherheit auf den Haupt- und Nebenstrsasen.

Everyone talks about the smart city – we’re building it.

Everyone talks about the smart city – we’re building it.

How does a smart city come about and what makes it smart? Digitalisation and technological advancement are opening up new opportunities that have a great deal of potential.

What is needed are innovative concepts that are energy-efficient and use resources sustainably, but also improve the quality of life of the population. Such complex solutions cannot be implemented overnight or accomplished by a single actor alone.

This collaboration began with a needs assessment conducted with Wädenswil, the home town of ELEKTRON. The idea was to find out whether the company’s smart city approach could also benefit medium-sized towns in Switzerland. As an energy town, Wädenswil is always striving to make further progress and in talks it emerged that it wanted LED-based street lighting, as well as electric charging stations and public wifi.

In the next step, EKZ and SBB were asked if they were interested in becoming involved in the project. The project resonated and the groundwork was laid for a joint Smart City Tower. The Smart City Tower is a multifunctional lamp post that is much more than a mere source of light, thanks to its technology. The lamp post is provided by ELEKTRON. In addition to intelligent control and LED lights, EKZ provides the electricity for the electric charging stations. For its part, SBB enables the free public wifi by extending the wifi network from the railway station into the town centre via the Smart City Tower. Sensors also measure noise, fine particulate levels and traffic flows.

The Smart City Tower is a pioneering project and unique in Switzerland. This innovative solution offers its four partners, the town of Wädenswil, ELEKTRON, SBB and EKZ, important information for future projects, whether in the field of mobility, energy efficiency or improvement of the quality of of life. Welcome to the smart city. 

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