Ensuring competitiveness.

Ensuring competitiveness.

Sophisticated proprietary developments and a range of high-calibre products from leading international manufacturers are the basis of new system solutions.

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ELEKTRON market launch in Poland

ELEKTRON market launch in Poland

ELEKTRON has opened a new site in Poland. The ELEKTRON Polska Sp. z o.o. offices and warehouse are located in Wrocław and thus perfectly situated to serve the European market. ELEKTRON Polska Sp. z o.o. began operations at the beginning of September, with a focus on the European Union and international markets.

One of the leading technology firms in Switzerland, ELEKTRON has been solely active within Switzerland up until this point. Our five business units, Electronics, Drives, Lighting, Payment Systems, and Smart City, offer a great deal of potential on international markets. Mature in-house developments and high-value products from leading international manufacturers provide the foundation for energy-efficient system solutions, which ELEKTRON now wants to offer on an international level. Alongside standard solutions, ELEKTRON concentrates on tailor-made solutions, connecting customers’ needs to technological solutions available across the world. The company especially sees a lot of potential for tailor-made solutions on the European and international markets. New expertise will be gained from this expansion, and the newly accessed markets will be able to benefit from qualitatively superior Swiss engineering.

ELEKTRON Polska offers Swiss quality at competitive prices. This is possible thanks to simplified logistics processes as well as the company's streamlined structure. As full service providers, ELEKTRON and ELEKTRON Polska both offer reliable service and support – a standard of quality that will also be guaranteed on the international level. Furthermore, the warehouse in Wrocław will keep delivery times short and administrative efforts low to the benefit of international customers.

ELEKTRON used the opportunity created by the market launch in Poland to take part in ENERGETAB, an energy trade fair with over 700 international exhibitors. The company had a stall in the Swiss Pavilion, where other Swiss firms also presented their new products from the energy and industry sector. The trade fair was extremely successful, as we were able to connect our Polish partners with valuable contacts, as well as introduce the new ELEKTRON Polska Sp. z o.o. branch on an international stage.

You can find more information at elektron-polska.pl




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