High demands.

High demands.

With intelligent solutions for efficient systems we ensure our future as a leading Swiss technology company.

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Working together with Secusys AG and Kern AG, ELEKTRON was able to offer a customised solution that significantly improved the security and efficiency of the campsite

Lavorent has found a long-term partner in ELEKTRON. ELEKTRON has supplied Lavorent with its standard machines since 2014. The development of a customised solution was an opportunity to further expand the partnership. Together, they will further develop the payment machines for laundry facilities and adjust them for future demands.

Campingplatz Ruderbaum is located in Altnau on the shores of Lake Constance and offers residential lots, a group lodging facility and a holiday apartment. The guests consist of long-term tenants, tourists and holiday guests. The family operation is a member of Eco Camping and offers a variety of features and amenities, including a tourist camp, playground with barbecue areas, library, bicycles, a lakeshore restaurant and other recreational activities.

Thanks to the BICONT machines, we can provide residents with a straightforward, problem-free laundry experience while minimizing our own costs. We really appreciate our close partnership with ELEKTRON, both before and after the introduction of the BICONT products.

As an Energy City, we try our best to continue to develop sustainably and save energy. Thanks to the TownGuide lights and CityTouch, we've been able to achieve this. With this installation we are able to reduce our energy usage by up to 70% a year.

Thanks to its professional collaboration with Reflexion AG, ELEKTRON has succeeded in responding fully to the client's demanding requirements. The collective technical know-how resulted in an energy-efficient and ecological solution, which promises total satisfaction for the client and its bathing guests.

We have found ELEKTRON to be a reliable partner for procuring a substitute product for transducers which are no longer on the market. For small customers like us, ELEKTRON has created a link with the large ABB Group, successfully taking our insights and requirements into account.

I'm delighted! ELEKTRON is enthusiastically supporting the entire integration process and has good solutions ready for any requirement. I can now very easily activate, control and manage the new LED lights online directly from my desk. It doesn't require any additional software or training.

Thanks to ELEKTRON's experience and knowhow we were able to realize this project in Bulle fully meeting the expectations. Enabling the centre of the Greyer district to substantially reduce its energy consumption.

Wir schätzen die sehr erfreuliche und vertrauenswürdige Zusammenarbeit mit ELEKTRON AG. Die durchwegs positiven Feedbacks aus der Bevölkerung zeigen uns zudem, dass der Entscheid für eine bewegungsabhängige Strassenbeleuchtung richtig war, um der Bevölkerung Sicherheit zu bieten ohne die Natur unnötig zu belasten.

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