Switching stations and switchgear

Reliable power supply.

Reliable power supply.

We implement low-voltage switching stations and supply, inspect, maintain and repair low-voltage switchgear.

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Switching stations and switchgear for reliable power supply

In collaboration with our distribution partners, we implement low-voltage switching stations for power supply and distribution up to a nominal current of 4000A. These systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61439, equipped with EntelliGuard and RecordPlus circuit breakers and assembled in type-tested SEN Plus switch cabinets manufactured by GE.

We carry low-voltage switchgear (circuit breakers, protective motor switches, contactors, overload relays) from GE/AEG as indicated in the latest applicable product catalogues.

You will find an overview at http://www.geindustrial.com/products/electrical-distribution.

As an exclusive service partner of GE, we also provide support for GE/AEG circuit breakers. Our service technicians can perform on-site inspections, maintenance and repairs in Switzerland and in Vorarlberg »support.

We can guarantee rapid availability of new devices and spare parts thanks to our customer-oriented warehouse logistics.



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