Reliable power supply.

Reliable power supply.

We implement low-voltage switching stations and supply, inspect, maintain and repair low-voltage switchgear.



Die effizienteste Retrofit-Lösung für bestehende Lüftungsanlagen. Maximale Energieeffizienz durch den Einsatz von Permanentmagnetmotoren kombiniert mit einer patentierten, bedarfsgerechten Antriebslösung.

Switching stations and switchgear for reliable power supply

In collaboration with our distribution partners, we implement low-voltage switching stations for power supply and distribution up to a nominal current of 4000A. These systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61439, equipped with EntelliGuard and RecordPlus circuit breakers and assembled in type-tested SEN Plus switch cabinets manufactured by GE.

We carry low-voltage switchgear (circuit breakers, protective motor switches, contactors, overload relays) from GE/AEG as indicated in the latest applicable product catalogues.

You will find an overview at http://www.geindustrial.com/products/electrical-distribution.

As an exclusive service partner of GE, we also provide support for GE/AEG circuit breakers. Our service technicians can perform on-site inspections, maintenance and repairs in Switzerland and in Vorarlberg »support.

We can guarantee rapid availability of new devices and spare parts thanks to our customer-oriented warehouse logistics.



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