Countless possibilities

Countless possibilities

The direct benefit to the customer is always the focus of all smart city applications.

Sensors & actors

Automated light control, smart metering, e-mobility, traffic management, smart parking, environmental sensors, public WiFi – to control and manage the countless applications of a smart city, they are connected to the smart city network via sensors or actors. The range of different smart city applications is extremely diverse – so our work always begins with clarifying the needs of a city or municipality. This is the only way to ensure that the direct customer benefit is at the forefront from the outset and that the sensors and actors are selected accordingly.

Smart Lighting

Regardless of whether you work with LoRa, GPRS, LTE or a meshed network, we’ll equip your luminaire with a wireless controller and thereby establish the connection to the management software. In addition to automatic monitoring, this also enables individualised control and simplifies maintenance of the luminaire. By creating dynamic dimming profiles in the management software that can be changed at any time, you can also significantly reduce the energy costs for your public lighting.


Support the spread of e-mobility by installing electric charging stations in your city. With the innovative charging stations from SMIGHT, we offer you a high-quality product for intelligent charging options for electric vehicles. By using the standardised OCPP protocol, you can also integrate your billing software in SMIGHT.

Traffic management

You can monitor roads in real time with intelligent traffic sensor technology. So you can keep abreast of the current and past traffic situation at all times. The data is analysed in real time and used for dynamic traffic control applications (e.g. light and traffic light control). Using dynamic light control with radar technology, street lighting can be dimmed up and down as needed. The movements of vehicles and pedestrians are captured by the sensors and the illumination intensity adjusted proactively. Street lighting can also be controlled based on the traffic volume. This technology employs modern traffic counting systems that regulate street lighting in accordance with the new Swiss standard SNR13201.

Public WiFi

To meet the demand for internet availability on the move, public WiFi is becoming ever more important. Fast, unlimited and free – even cities and municipalities are increasingly providing quality public WiFi to their communities. The products from SMIGHT allow different implementation options, including direct integration of public WiFi in the streetlight and the combination in multifunction masts.

Air quality and noise pollution

Using the insights gleaned from the data from a tight network of air quality and noise pollution measurement points, cities can achieve sustainable improvements in their environmental performance. Combined with information from other smart city applications such as traffic measurement, this data can be used to generate more useful information, which in turn can be used to develop targeted measures that will improve the quality of life of your inhabitants. Certain public elements, like those from SMIGHT, already offer combined capture of noise and meteorological data. But the data can also be transmitted to the overarching smart city platform through independent sensors and actors.


Enhance the security of your inhabitants with a public emergency button. The SMIGHT base tower brings together various smart city applications – including an emergency call function – in one installation. Using the integrated emergency button, a connection to the nearest emergency call centre can be established within seconds.





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