The final mile.

The final mile.

Our meshed WPAN wireless networks operate on the unlicensed ISM frequency band and are ideally suited to the transmission of important smart city data due to their exceptional stability.

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Wireless mesh – the ideal network for all of your smart city applications

The smart city concept, encompassing the systematic use of information and communication technology and resource-conserving applications in cities and municipalities, continues to gain traction in Switzerland. As a system integrator, we support energy providers in the roll-out of their energy strategies and build their smart city communication infrastructures around the public lighting system, which then functions as the central point of contact for various third-party systems. Being able to exchange information between all the applications in a smart city setup and a central management system is an absolutely essential capability.

Reliable connections for your ‘final mile’

For the connection between the gateway and the sensor or actor – also known as the ‘final mile’ – having a physical connection to each sensor and actor frequently makes little sense economically. Wireless networks are used as an alternative. We offer you a variety of different meshed networks in order to meet your individual requirements. Our meshed WPAN wireless networks operate on the unlicensed ISM frequency band and are ideally suited to the transmission of important smart city data due to their exceptional stability. The use of IEEE 802.15.4 standardised communications protocols enables easy, efficient and wireless transmission of IPv6 data packets. Moreover, the meshed WPAN network is ideally suited for battery-powered applications with low power consumption.

Robust and extensible

In contrast to other wireless network technologies such as 3G/4G or LoRa, our networks can handle a dense network of applications without adverse effects on performance – so your smart city can continue to grow. Originally developed for sophisticated, system-related and critical infrastructure, meshed network technology has a variety of other characteristics that recommend it for use in your smart city: minimal latency, encryption based on military standards, independence vis-à- vis telecom providers and data sovereignty firmly in your hands, to name a few.

Benefits at a glance

  • Enables comprehensive and cost-effective integration of system-relevant, critical smart city infrastructure
  • Open and powerful thanks to a flexible and standard-based wireless network architecture
  • Low latency of just a few milliseconds
  • Self-organising, self-healing and guarantees very high stability of the wireless network – the more nodes integrated in the network, the more stable and reliable the wireless network will be
  • Suitable for the integration of battery-powered end devices
  • Highest security thanks to military standard
  • Simple and fast commissioning – no additional technical specialists necessary
  • Over-the- air updates and configuration keep the applications continuously updated in terms of security and functionality
  • Proven network concept – over 20 million devices worldwide have already been connected


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